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ATA is excited to give an additional work career owing to our partnership with assorted businesses.


Find out what house painting is all about

BJA Painting Services paints houses all through the Auckland region. Primarily around West Auckland and suburbs like Henderson, New Lynn and more. Being one of the most reliable and trusted local Auckland house painters, BJA Painting Services has a high standard to uphold.

This career is exciting as it’s available immediately and you’ll learn the skillsets when doing the job.

This position is made accessible by BJA Painting Services that happen to be a content partner of ATA.

Find out more about BJA Painting Services

Because of their particular continual initiatives to innovate, BJA Painting Services has been building a reputation for themselves.

By means of increasing popularity and client base, this New Zealand business is seeking to broaden it’s Auckland home office. A national takeover is designed by BJA Painting Services and they are on the lookout for sign ups to the staff.

The work ethos of everyone at BJA Painting Services is the one other secret weapon to success. With an attention for remaining different from other companies, brilliance and staying true to themselves, their customers notice the improvement in product.


Whats sets BJA Painting Services apart is:

  • Provide a safe and fun working place to all staff
  • Produce rewards to encourage and support innovation among everyone
  • To stimulate a family group mentality
  • To enhance the company as a result of neighborhood activities
  • To innovate atleast 1 new product yearly

Regardless of the common sounding goals, close study of competitors will demonstrate that they are definitely not performing some of these things. By simply staying with these company goals, BJA Painting Services remains to be true to it’s goal.With year upon year growth of BJA Painting Services, it shows that these kinds of targets are more than pretty words.

Way has been made to join this fantastic staff. Would you like to join this team? Continue reading to learn more about the position you are anticipated to fill.

About the house painting role in Auckland

A minimum tenur of 6 years is required from the applicant. Well before a final role is assigned to you, BJA Painting Services will teach you in each and every business department. The initial three years of employment is going to be devoted to doing work in every department to help you gauge out your experience.

This form of company onboarding genuinely reveals it’s benefits once you get put into a job that you are strongest at. After the training cycle has been concluded, your effort will be analyzed and a role will be assigned within a department. In some occasions, you are able to apply for a completely different department role if you believe you have been incorrectly placed.

Each department has a hierarchy structure and additional advancements should be expected within a year to a better paid placement This form of administration will help every person focus on efficiency and also develop new careers for fresh people. People determined to attain the top levels will undoubtedly be rewarded with administrator positions as well as national cheifs.

Expectations of filling this house painting job

BJA Painting Services is a proud business and desires only the utmost level of effectiveness coming from all of their personnel. If the overall business is not pushing at greatest capacity, there isn’t any reason to continue. It is because of these beliefs that this hiring process is a lengthier event than usual. Temporary jobs are also offered to people looking for a short career.

The candidate must also adhere to essential hygiene guidelines, wear appropriate attire to the office, have their own car and cell phone. Respect to every one and an capacity to develop new suggestions is tremendously recommended.

Anybody that studied well at ATA should fit in beautifully at BJA Painting Services.

BJA Painting Services also has a wholesome involvement with sporting events, in the event you participate in any sports, a position on our company team may be available.

About the painting Job

This job will remain available right up until somebody within the ATA gets accepted. The screening process is aided by prompt supply of one’s applications so early birds are in for a far better probability. Initial interviews will undoubtedly be booked and future employment will start two weeks after the closing of applications.

Your own house painting skills will open up the doors to many more careers in the event you miss out on this one.

We have now have a 99% employement rate of all of the graduating individuals of the ATA and of that we are extremely proud. The remainding numbers commonly get a job in a different country or a role inside ATA itself.

New Zealand is in limited supply of skilled painters like you, it is just a matter of time before your dream job will become available. New position postings will be offered to you every month, you only need to hang on.

Make sure you check our job offerings webpage to see other job postings inside your industry.

Your training course tutor will give you additional information if you are looking to apply for this role at BJA Painting Services.

Work Provider: BJA Painting Services