Auckland Security Cameras Installer Opportunity

ATA is excited to give an additional work career owing to our partnership with assorted businesses.

An expert security cameras Auckland installer  involves more than just bolting up a camera on a wall!

You will need a willing mind and able body.  CCTV installations and servicing is a specialist area that blends traditional cabling with IT troubleshooting and networking.
You will need to understand security camera technology inside out and be able to apply logical thought processes to solving inevitable challenges,

Sometimes you’ll need to literally untangle someone else’s complicated installation and work out why they did what they did.  Then you’ll solve the problem and do it right.

You’ll often need to liaise with the client and their electricians and their IT department to put all the pieces together.  At the end of your work they’ll have  a system that works beautifully & all its moving parts ill be hidden behind your excellent workmanship.

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We’re 100% Auckland owned and operated

No big, impersonal, Aussie Security Company here. Mandy and Brian have lived a combined 75 years here, and we still reckon it’s by far the best place in the world to live.

We’re all about protecting your business, family and yourself

We know there’s a lot of people who want to change that. They think it’s ok to burglarise your house (even when you’re at home), to steal from the till even though you gave them a job, to steal off your shelves and so much more… We want to do our bit to stop them.

We speak English, not Technicaljargon-ish

We hate techos who use confusion as a marketing strategy, as much as you do.
We’re experienced There’s more than 30 years technical experience in the security industry on our team, so you’ll get any and all your questions answered.

We’re a small enterprise

We are Auckland small business people, not big corporate types. You’ll talk to people who understand cashflow, and the pressure of paying the wage bill each week.

We’re dedicated to our customers

We promise to make it much simpler and easier to protect your people, property and profits. You’ll find a far more customer focussed approach from us, and it starts right here with the shop theft calculator and the Help page on this site.  

You can even get an 8 Year Warranty on some of the systems we install!

Some Of Our Clients:

About the CCTV Auckland Installer Job

If you think you’re the person for this demanding but rewarding position then get in touch now on 09 5517716 or contact us at

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