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Being an accomplished Auckland tiling and waterproofing specialist requires more than laying porcelain onto a surface and calling it a day. You will need a willing mind and able body. Tiling is a specialist trade that blends traditional hard work with art as your finished surface will not only be walked on, but also looked at extensively.

You will need to understand which tiling adhesives and grouts you will need to use in any situation, be it a high traffic commercial setting or a classic kitchen backsplash laid in glass mosaic.

Having a strong relationship with your tiling tools is also a must as every day will bring a new challenge with a different tile to cut. Some cut easily, some cut according to their own rules. Certain clients will only order enough tiles to get the job done, so if you break one accidentally, it will be your fault.

To add further pressure, under ever tighter Auckland city council rules, your waterproofing work will need to stand not only the vigor’s of sub-par building work but also the test of time. Each and every waterproofing job could mean the potential termination of your career, all your assets and your home – should you own one – in the resulting lawsuit.  

PLEASE NOTE: This position will be exclusively available to those working in tiling for more than several years and finished a tiling course at the Advanced Training Academy. Do not attempt to contact this work provider if you do not have these requirements first.

Learn more about JB Tiling

As a result of continuous groundbreaking work, JB Tiling has become a well-known name inside the tiling world. With growing popularity and consumer base, this New Zealand tiling business is looking to develop it’s Auckland office. New members to the workforce are necessary, with a national growth tactic in the books, lots more people really are a must.

It’s not secret that a strong business ethos has helped grow JB Tiling to what it truly is nowadays.The goal is to be like nobody else within the tile laying and interior waterproofing niche and to provide a product that is unequalled by competitors.

Auckland TIling
JB Tiling Auckland

An example of JB Tiling’s key distinctions are:

  • Handle every client equally
  • Work far beyond what’s required of the tiling industry
  • Make an effort to provide a tiling service unparalleled by anyone
  • Make an effort to improve the reputation of tiling in general
  • Teach and enhance the skills of their staff with tiling courses and certifications.

These might possibly all seem like common and cliché business objectives but a look into the business practices of rivals will demonstrate that these kinds of practices have not been put into practice. By way of sticking with these business objectives, JB Tiling remains to be true to it’s goal.

This exhibits with the year upon year accomplishment of the company. A new person is wanted to sign up with this company and follow the company goals.

Are you feeling this position meets your needs? Keep reading to learn more about the available placement.

What’s demanded from tiling in Auckland

The role that JB Tiling requires to get filled will last as much as a few years. The role will begin with the candidate receiving a comprehension of how the company works and all the divisions inside.

The first 36 months of work will undoubtedly be devoted to working in each and every section to help gauge out your skills. This form of business on boarding genuinely reveals its benefits when you get put into a job you are most effective at. Right at the end of your respective training, you’ll be questioned to help pick which section of the company would most benefit from your skills.

In some occasions, you are able to apply for a different departmental role if you feel you’ve been incorrectly placed.

Each department incorporates a ladder structure and further advancements can be expected within a year to a far better paid position. This not only keeps everybody encouraged but also opens up the way for new trainees venturing out into their first job.

Individuals determined to reach the top levels will likely be rewarded with executive positions as well as national chief tile setters .Confidence of business and of their selves is expected at all times by JB Tiling. When the overall business is not pushing at optimum capacity, there isn’t any need to continue.

It’s because of such beliefs that this hiring process is a lengthier event than normal. Temporarily roles can also be found to those seeking a quick role.

Individual hygiene, work attire and personal transportation are also requirements of the role. JB Tiling motivates innovation and constant attention to detail.

Individual commendations from tutors at the ATA will put you on the fast track to advancement, so being careful in your studies will turn out valuable in the long run. To assist us find a role for you, let your applicant officer know of any skills you’ve got.

About the Tile Setting and Waterproofing Position

This role will remain available right up until someone from the ATA gets approved. Make sure to send it in as soon as possible to assist the application. Initial interviews are going to be appointed and eventual work will commence two weeks following the concluding of applications.

Your tiling set of skills will open up the doors to many more work opportunities in the event you miss out on this one.

We currently have a 99% employment rate of all graduating individuals of the ATA and of that we’re extremely proud. The remaining numbers generally find a job internationally or a role inside of ATA itself.

New Zealand is in short supply of qualified tilers like you, it is just a matter of time before your perfect career will become available. Comparable jobs may start within weeks, new job posts will be mailed to you. Our job page has numerous positions available on a daily basis, keep an eye out!If you meet the requirements, contact JB Tiling to convey your curiosity about this career role.