The Professional Auckland Builders

Because of each of our relationships with many Auckland enterprises, we are excited to give a job opportunity for you.


Find out what This Auckland building company is focused on

Building houses around Auckland’s premium locations and suburbs. Working with an expert team of quality Auckland builders, you will love the skills picked up at AC Builders from building homes through to building maintenance.

This job is going to be open to 4 graduated pupils of our Building training program.

This job is made accessible by AC Builders who happen to be a proud business partner of ATA.

About AC Builders

On account of continual groundbreaking work, AC Builders has changed into a well recognized name inside the Building world. With growing fame and client base, this New Zealand business is looking to broaden it’s Auckland home office. Newbies to the company are needed, with a national growth strategy on the books, lots more people are a must.

The work mentality of everyone at AC Builders is an additional key to success. The company aim only for excellence and wish to serve their customers like no other company in the past.

Whats sets AC Builders apart is:

  • Offer a safe and fun working place to all office personnel
  • Present incentives to encourage and support development amongst everyone
  • To encourage a family group ethic
  • To enhance the business as a result of community events
  • To innovate atleast 1 product each and every year


As basic as these may all sound, equivalent businesses in the Building marketplace aren’t following suit. AC Builders works very hard to adhere to their business objectives.With year upon year growth of AC Builders, it indicates that these kinds of goals are definitely more than elegant words.

With room for expansion, a fresh person is sought after. Does this company sound like the right fit for you? Read on to find out about your position in AC Builders.

About the Building role in Auckland

The role that AC Builders needs to get filled will last as much as 6 years. The position will mainly focus on the applicant learning all facets of the company first. With a comprehensive understanding of the way AC Builders runs, you’re able to move into any placement in the company.

AC Builders believes in placing the right person on every job, so this form of training genuinely begins to shine over time. Following your guidance, your skills will be evaluated by department leads and they’re going to place you where suitable.

Some roles will switch between sections also, don’t anticipate to remain in one role for too much time.

Several departments do not possess room for progression consequently additional advancement will demand transferring to different departments. This not only keeps everyone encouraged but also opens up the way for brand new individuals venturing out. People striving to reach the upper levels will probably be recognized with director roles and even national cheifs.

Each staff is required to perform at their greatest capability and enthusiasm by AC Builders. If the entire company is not pulling at greatest potential, there is no need to go on. The exact reason it’s so hard to get into AC Builders is caused by this intensive verification approach. Candidates thinking of this job as a stepping stone to another company should not make an effort submitting an application.

The candidate must also comply with essential cleanliness principles, wear appropriate clothing to work, have their very own car and cell phone.

An ability to evolve, pay attention to orders and a bright and wondering mind is also encouraged.

Those applicants that excelled in their Building studies at ATA will be provided with added responsibilites.

To help us discover a role for you personally, let your applicant officer know of any skills you’ve got.

About the Building Position

Following the weeks closing, the part will be offered to everyone. Make sure to send it in as fast as possible to aid the application. Succesful applications will move onto the job interview stage and a job will likely be presented after that.

Your own Building skill set will open up the doors to many more careers if you lose out on this one.

We strive to find employment for all that have finished their own studies at ATA, at present our employement rate is 99%. The remainding percent generally find employment within the ATA itself or go onto positions in another country.

New Zealand is short of experienced builders which means your skill set is tremendously useful to someone. Related positions will start within months, new career posts shall be mailed to you.

Our job page has countless roles available every single day, keep an eye out!

Contact AC Builders for more information about the job position and what papers are required for you to submit.